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Fees & Policy

Free initial 20 mins consultation - If you are considering therapy but you are uncertain of the methods and results, I offer a free 20-minute enquiry call to discuss your presenting issues and any questions you may have concerning therapy.

First session- assessment & treatment-50 mins-£75

If we decide that we want to work together, our first session will be an introductory consultation. I will thoroughly examine your present concerns, inquire about your past and will assess your unique needs so we can develop treatment goals together. 

Couple's counselling 60 minutes - £120

When issues arise in a relationship and you don't know how to fix them, it can lead to a breakdown in communication, resentment buildup and even an unnecessary break-up. Counselling for couples may assist you in preventing the problem from worsening and demonstrating essential problem-solving techniques that will allow you to develop love, laughter, and deeper trust in your relationship. Making the decision to seek counselling can be a significant step. Even if your partner refuses to engage, you can influence their behaviour by making minor changes to your own behaviour.

Individual counselling-Regular weekly sessions-50 minutes-£75

Once you start your therapy, each session will be held on the same day and at the same time of the week.  It is important to attend therapy regularly to achieve the desired results. In some instances we can consider having the sessions fortnightly when appropriate.

Online/telephone sessions 50 minutes - £75

Online and telephone therapy can be helpful if your lifestyle or geographical location prevents you to attend a therapy session in person. Online therapy can be just as beneficial as in-person treatment and I have been fully trained to deliver telephone and online counselling.

Duration and frequency of sessions

Therapy sessions typically occur once a week, lasting 50 minutes, and are scheduled for the same day and time. To reap the full benefits of therapy, consistent attendance is crucial. Setting aside a specific slot in your calendar can assist in maintaining this regularity. For couples therapy, I adopt a systemic approach, and from my experience, I've found that fortnightly sessions are most effective.

During our initial meeting, we will discuss the most suitable mode, frequency, and duration for your therapy, and these aspects will be revisited and adjusted as needed over time.

That said, I am committed to being both flexible and responsive to your individual requirements. If your circumstances call for a different frequency, whether more or less regular (provided it's clinically sound), I'm open to adapting. While weekly sessions are ideal, I understand life's unpredictability and will collaborate with you to find the best approach tailored to your unique needs.

Payments and cancellations

Payments must be made in advance at the time of the booking by BACS bank transfer to secure your session. The session will be released to accommodate another client if the payment is not received 24 hours before the booking. While I try to accommodate scheduling adjustments, the session slots are reserved only for you. Non-attendance and sessions cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment are thus paid in full.

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